What is the best place to host Drupal? Cloud or shared Hosting

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16 Mar 2009 at 11:50 UTC

Hi guys. I know web hosting is so unreliable nowadays. Sometimes it’s even difficult to find good web hosts with great support.

Do you guys know which web host company has good knowledge in Drupal, so that whenever problem occurs, they can troubleshoot at no time?


Guys, if you don’t mind, please rate your web host too at Check Web Hosting which I have spent months trying to compile the database of available web hosts and trying to get honest reviews.


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for Drupal I think

Go Daddy web hosting and linux server

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Go Daddy?



18 March 2009 at 10:27

Is their support good?

Sometimes those web hosts would ask us to solve than solving for us.

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GoDaddy from what I

GoDaddy from what I understand is a domain registrar, and so their hosting really lacks.

I would take a look at the “true” hosting companies, such as the following (I included a cloud hosting one too, because that’s where the industry is going)

SiteCloud – Clustered Cloud Hosting Provder with cPanel & drupal auto installer
Hostmonster – cPanel host with drupal auto-installer
SiteGround – cPanel host with drupal auto-installer

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We are experiencing a number of problems with Sitecloud at present.
– Service Unavailable (503)
– Bad Gateway (502)
– Existing pages reported as Page Not Found (404)

We are waiting to see if they can be resolved. They have pledged that it should resolved in three days (might as well be a year given what happens when a site is down for an extended period of time). In the meantime, I am reviewing alternative places to host our sites.

Does anyone know of a decent place to host a Drupal site?
– under $150/mo. in hosting
– 100k-300k page views
– memory limit of 128MB
– cPanel (and WHM would be nice too).
– decent server response time.

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And SiteGround are only good



16 September 2010 at 09:21

And SiteGround are only good if you want a provider that doesn’t want you to use server resources. Ie. If you use Drupal as a personal Blog then Siteground will be ok, for anything bigger and they will do nasty things to you. My site was recently closed by siteground because their server didn’t like the amount of resources used by the standard Drupal search. It’s taken me two days to get he site back up and I’m still trying (only way is to dissable the standard Drupal search module and use a google mod).

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Siteground is an awful



22 February 2011 at 04:39

Siteground is an awful company. I can’t believe they call themselves Drupal hosting expert.
They offer 150,000 Inode Usage. I only installed drupal, then login , then click on the admin section. and bam I already used 16,000 inodes (whatever inodes even means) and I was the only one on the site.
Do you mean to tell me that I won’t be able to add modules, and have at least 100 visitors to the site ?

they offer 20. And again I installed drupal (using their installer) and bam 3 were already used. Wen to admin section and wow it jumped from 3 to 8 processes !!!!

—–Billing (here is the scam)—-

They tell you month to month hosting $3.95 + $14.95 setup fee but what they don’t tell you is. After the first month you ll have to pay a yearly fee $107 making it at $9.72/month.
When I called them for explanation – well they answer was “this is how we do business, you either cancel, or you pay the yearly fee”- no joke.
I even tried to understand why they did not mention that in the payment process, when I was paying the $3.95 the dude pretty much told and quote “I don’t want to argue with you, either pay or go”

And I told them I m not getting mad for $3.95 (although it still money–my money), I just wanted to know where was it written that it will only be for one month then I’ll be charge regular price and for the year.
I even tried the process to buy again. People it was written nowhere. finally that dude tells me “Well it was written on the legal pages”

Ok- Me ” so why didn’t you put a link to the legal page just next to the deal, so customers can view it and make an inform decision”

Him- Silence. the Sir we are sorry for the confusion.

—oh by the way—
when you purchase with them be ready to see commercial banners all the time. Very annoying

I cannot recommend this service to anybody
I don’t want to use them anymore but unfortunately for me my domain name is stuck with these people!

For the love of God where can we really find a good hosting for Drupal? Dries should help here.
Now if you say only VPS and Dedicated so be it. But we should stop recommending these shared hostings

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RochenHost has been fantastic for me!

I have in the past, used RochenHost and have two sites hosted with them currently and they are splendid! They do not offer phone support but once I got used to their email ticketing system, I could care less for phone support (which I did have for a client of mine who wanted his site on GoDaddy. But GoDaddy actually told me to Google for a solution :o)) RochenHost is the official host for Joomla.org. They now fully support Drupal (they are also a premium Drupal member) and they are just great. If you submit a trouble ticket they get back to you many times within a few hours (emergencies are much faster as all engineers get paged). The site performance is fantastic. Overall, very happy, I have stuck with them for two three years now. Check them out.


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Used to like them, you’ll

Used to like them, you’ll need to read for fine print if you got special discount because the domain registered with the special package is “owned” by them and cancelling account means pay additional fees for domain.

As for server, Tried running a site with 10.000 nodes and it won’t be running at all without boost installed. but that is partly my error trying to run a tank with motorcycle engine.

if you can use drupal why use others?

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An inode is a pointer to a file. So, every file you have in your hosting space is one inode. That’s nothing (or very little) to do with your databases, so adding new users / new nodes to a Drupal site won’t increment that inode count at all. It means that, after installing Drupal in your SiteGround hosting environment, you were had 16,000 files in your account.

That’s surprising, to be honest. A quick look at a large number of Drupal installations shows me that the largest I can see has 7,000 inodes. A basic installation of Drupal 7 with a few contributed modules / themes would use about 2000.

SiteGround have to put that limit on there. They offer unlimited disk space as a marketing strategy, but because server resources are never unlimited (especially for $4 per month) they need other limits instead. The safe approach is to find hosts that don’t offer unlimited space, as then you can see what you really have to use. As a rough rule of thumb, you should not expect to pay less than $1 per month for every GB of space you intend to use that that they offer.

One way to gobble up inodes is to use IMAP for your e-mail. Each e-mail on the server is the one inode. If that’s the problem, you could try offloading the e-mail side of your domain to Google Apps, and keep your hosting for the site itself.

There are plenty of good shared hosts that can handle a Drupal site very well. When the site gets too busy or large, then yes you need to upgrade to a VPS. But that’s true whatever CMS you go with.

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SiteGround Has Bad Billing Policies



18 February 2012 at 04:19

SiteGround Hosting Has Bad Billing Policies.

I had a situation where I needed an extra 10 days to pay for another 6 months of their hosting. I have been with them for 2 years. They had no problem taking down my website for 10 days too when an anonymous person claimed I plagiarized a photo off their website. Turns out the guy never owned the photo though SiteGround gave him the benefit of the doubt and offered no apologies at the end of the 10 days. Would of lasted much longer though I threatened them with lawsuits, and they finally restored service.

Overall I had no problems with SiteGround other than the billing department over issues, like them billing credit cards that were supposed to be one time only billing. They billed a roommate of mine twice a full year of service. Offered no apologies for fraudulently using her credit card.

Still I would of stayed with them, yet today they offered no help in me asking for a 10 day extension in which to pay the bill, for yet another 6 months of service. My due date is February 20th. Do not most companies have “at least” a 10 day grace period in which to pay the bill? I know of web companies that allow 30 days. Certainly the utility companies do before they shut off services.

And make no mistake about it Site Ground will take my site down if not payed on the exact due date. That is the way they are. And their service compared to Go Daddy and HostMonster, well there is no comparison.

SiteGround Hosting Lacks Phone Tech Support.

Host Monster and Go Daddy tech department answers the phone 24/7 and within 3-5 minutes at the most. With Site Ground you have to submit a ticket “that might” get answered that day… or the next. Overall their CPanel is great and they do offer lots of bells & whistles. If they got their billing better together and they had better tech support, phone wise, they would not be losing me as a client!

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GoDaddy – The Good and The Bad!



18 February 2012 at 04:30


GoDaddy is just not for your larger, more professional companies. But I will defend them for start-ups as not in just new companies but for tech challenged people. Obviously no one with any skills will find Website Tonight, their WYSIWYG web designing software, very thrilling. But for those that have never built a website, this is truly a saving grace.

They also will at least “try” to resolve difficulties by answering their phones 24/7 which is more than I can say for most folk in this business. But they lack CPanel which for us is extremely helpful and necessary.

But if you have problems go elsewhere. this company I am just not sure deserves bad-mouthing. For a guy who started this on his kitchen table with a little daughter saying, “Go Daddy!” to becoming the largest domain registrar in the world, yeah he did something right. Also Bob Parsons, Chief Executive Daddy, happens to donate an insane amount of money to charities around the world, so this is not a guy with immoral stances or just trying to get rich off unaware people.

In other words, it is what it is! Leave it at that…

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A Turn of Attitude for GoDaffy



1 January 2013 at 01:52

… I used to stick up for GoWhackey,as I liked humanitarian efforts of Bob Parsons/owner,CEO. I still do so please he deserves this much respect. But what all great companies do once they get too big is they then try and go bigger in such a way they kill what made them great in the first place.

They had a 24 hour tech support that literally bent over backwards to accommodate us…second thought maybe not so “literally”. I always knew that any time of night I could call they would answer like on 3 rings and cay “what can I do for you” with an attitude of cheer sounding like a good friend. They adopted the late and great Sam Walton’s motto and company mission: “The Customer Is Always Right”. But with his passing even Walmart failed to continue that mission. Walmart became the “largest” company in the world, in gross products. Being NUMERO UNO, would you agree, they did something right?

So now, I call and after the 15th ring I get a “Thanks for calling GoSappy, what can I do you for?” stern, stolid, and with indignation like I was trying to cheat his elderly mother out of her life savings, “No, we can’t let you change your web builder to another domain because the one you paid for is for the other domain name.” I say does it really matter if I am only using it on one domain what should it matter to you?” “Policy. It’s Policy” Now I can only imagine this guy who last week was on the center highways with a card board sign, drooling on himself, has decided to become a GoDippy rep. This service was free for years and now a monthly charge locking you into their service. Don’t pay and no you can’t move to another host your whole website is coming down, it was being you discover, “leased” to you. “anything else, he asks. “Can I speak with a supervisor?” He says smug, “Want to bet he tells you the same thing?” I wait 10 minutes and then the phone goes dead, he hung up on me.

To Mr. Parson’s >>> Listen to all these comments and reflect back to that day your little daughter walked in and with admiration only a little daughter can give said, “GooooDaddy!” with pride and so much admiration. You built a multi-million dollar company on this reputation of being a great man, but you are letting it all slip away. You donate all this money to relief aid cause you feel they are important. What happened to all of us that helped you get there? Time to re-evaluate what is important for your New Year’s Resolution!

Yeah a big thumbs up for GoCrappy, what a wonderful host!

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I’ve had 2400 people an hour



7 January 2013 at 07:40

I’ve had 2400 people an hour on my site using GoDaddy’s Ultimate Shared Hosting for 15 bucks a month.

Not bad.

Caching is a must.

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Go Daddy webhosting with Drupal

I struggled with godaddy.com for months – my site would just freeze, I thought it was a problem with my site. I had occasion to phone them for support – they are useless, the interface for managing the site is ridiculously complicated (give me c-panel any day). They bombard you with spam. I just got sick of it.

I switched to UKwebsolutionsdirect.co.uk – the difference is like night and day. Good UK support, c-panel, all freezing problems gone, slightly more expensive at £7.14 a month for the middle hosting pack. Now very happy!

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Godaddy will make you crazy



13 October 2009 at 20:04

I find their hosting environment EXTREMELY difficult to work with. Server config options are limited, and they nickel & dime you on every little thing.

Find a good cPanel based host like HostGator, ANHosting, BlueHost, or the like. The time you save in admin tasks will more than make up for the extra $10-20/yr it will cost you.

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Anhosting sucks



21 February 2012 at 06:49

Anhosting is horrible. Slow and lots of downtime. Don’t believe John Forsythe.

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Go Daddy?

They should change their name to GO SUCKER!, my drupal site is DOWN all the time with 56% bounce rate from google analytics.

Their support is the worst on the planet, they never offer solution without asking to add more money.

First of all I thought that drupal is too heavy for a shared hosting solution, then I installed the wordpress and joomla just to check if its my fault to run drupal on shared hosting solution, but guess what? even wordpress is facing the white screen of death.

and yeah I installed all of them using the confusing gosucker automatic install.

This is not gosucker bashing, but just a nightmare from my personal experience.

The moral of the story??? stay as far as you can from gosucker!

if you can use drupal why use others?

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Bounce rate

I’m not a fan of Go Daddy, but it should be noted that bounce rate has nothing to do with uptime. From Google’s site:

What does Bounce Rate mean?

Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page. Use this metric to measure visit quality – a high bounce rate generally indicates that site entrance pages aren’t relevant to your visitors. The more compelling your landing pages, the more visitors will stay on your site and convert. You can minimize bounce rates by tailoring landing pages to each keyword and ad that you run. Landing pages should provide the information and services that were promised in the ad copy.

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Point taken… what about

Point taken… what about internal 500 error in every 5 page view or so?? could it be bad server or bad configuration?

if you can use drupal why use others?

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Ha, I have to give Godaddy a big fat no. They are terrible on everything except domain regs. Just because they are popular because they pushed billions into marketing does not make them a good host. I would stay away.

Sudo Kill Cylons

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I’ve seen a lot of customers



25 July 2010 at 21:33

I’ve seen a lot of customers complain about GoDaddy’s web hosting. I’ve seen success stories with the following hosts, personally hosting with each of them:

Hostmonster – standard cPanel hosting, comes with simple scripts 1-click installer
SiteCloud – cloud hosting with cPanel, comes with Softaculous 1-click installer.
GreenGeeks – Drupal for dummies official host, cpanel and comes with 1 click installer.

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I personally use a few



14 January 2011 at 04:55

I personally use a few different companies to host Drupal sites and I agree
SiteCloud – cloud hosting with cPanel, comes with Softaculous 1-click installer.
is pretty decent.
SliceHost – XEN virtual machine, run any OS and setup cPanel or similar web panel
Linode – XEN virtual machine similar to above
AusWebHost – basic hosting with Virtualmin control panel that auto-deploys Drupal

Only difference between them really is the XEN ones require a lot more work to setup and deploy but are infinitely flexible

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I’ve used Godaddy before —



19 August 2012 at 22:56

I’ve used Godaddy before — that’s where I am currently… their support is terrible, and I actually REALLY am scared
of contacting them… cause last time I did… they suspended my account saying I was “over quota” yet my control
panel only had 500MB of used disk space. I’m checking out www.siteserving.com — seeing what everyone else
can advise on them… they seem decent.

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When someone asks me, I

When someone asks me, I always suggest going with an actual web host, and not a company that offers web hosting as a secondary product. Domains are godaddy’s bread and butter, not web hosting.

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Hostgator for standard web hosting

I’ve had good luck with HostgatorOnly local images are allowed.(my affiliate link) for shared web hosting on multiple Drupal 5 & Drupal 6 installations. Their prices are competitive and tech support has been damn good.

The main problem that I have with Hostgator is that they do not support MySQL InnoDB tables on anything except dedicated servers. This is a problem for me because CiviCRM requires InnoDB and dedicated servers are too expensive for some of my clients. If you do not require InnoDB, Hostgator is a good choice.

TallDavid’s picture


Victor, I’m not sure of what you mean by “add-on”.

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Hostgator for Drupal web hosting

Hostgator (my affiliate link) is still my recommendation for shared web hosting. I’m using them on multiple Drupal 5 & Drupal 6 installations.

Recently they added InnoDB support so now the last caveat has been removed.

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Drupal support

Very few hosts offer Drupal-specific support. It’s too expensive to hire people who are actually qualified. For example, a Drupal support account with Acquia costs $2500/year! And that doesn’t even include hosting!

The best place to get support is Drupal.org, in the forums. Or in #Drupal-support on IRC.

Anyway, the best place to host Drupal, in my opinion, is AN Hosting. I’ve got a review up on my website if you’re interested.

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Feel free to link to it, but please don’t copy the contents.

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Hmm… Thanks for the offer.



23 March 2009 at 15:13

Hmm… Thanks for the offer. But i myself cannot write review. It’s against my own website policy… Cos I am trying to build a completely unbias and truthful web hosting review site.

anyway, thanks again.

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tried anhosting, doesn’t fit my bill



15 April 2010 at 06:48

I tried anhosting. But within 12 hours, i had to go for a refund.
The php memory_limit is a paltry 32MB (as of today) which wasn’t enough for my application to work. Additionally, 8Mb file upload limit also did not suit me.
I am still searching something better to move my present site on…..

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This is probably too late, but:

You can change those settings by adding a couple lines to your .htaccess file. For example:

php_value upload_max_filesize 50M
php_value post_max_size 50M
php_value memory_limit 64M

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ANHosting: Consistently poor performance



28 May 2010 at 16:19

I put a client on ANHosting a few months back. We’re moving them off because performance is so poor.

We tried getting them to look at the issue, and they just didn’t want to admit it was there. On one occasion I was able to invest several hours of time to get them to acknowledge that yes, there was something wrong with the server. They killed some processes, did something, things got better for a few days. But it was like pulling teeth. (I have sites with nearly identical configurations on other hosts that perform just fine. It’s not a site config issue.)

Their most recent response was ‘well, you can upgrade to a VPS or a co-lo.’

So, we’re moving those sites to our VPS on Hostgator, just as soon as we can.

I don’t doubt the word of John F and others who’ve had good luck with ANHosting. But I’m inclined to think it’s luck.

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Supporting Drupal

Hi There,

I am a customer account manager from Megahost UK / USA. We offer both UK Hosting & USA Hosting. We are also supporting Drupal so if you order from us please follow this link https://clientportal.megahostuk.com/link.php?id=1

I would suggest you look at maybe our Basic plan – currently on offer $2 a month, DISCOUNT: 1POUND.

If you want any more information you can look on our site via the link above, or email me cjames@megahostuk.com

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Site Ground


I have been using SiteGround Web hosting for the past 1 year and i find it very reliable. Although comparing with other plans like godaddy i find it bit expensive, but data transition is much smoother in Site Ground then Godaddy.

Varun Mathur

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Second Siteground recommendation

I’ve been w/ Siteground for about four years now, and I like what they offer. Have just started w/ Drupal, but so far it’s been really smooth and easy (small shared hosting account).

One complaint is that to get tech support there are a lot of hoops to jump though. For example, they make you test your e-mail connection before submitting an e-mail ticket, and so on. They also moved my site once from one server to another w/o notification and that created some duplicate e-mails and files, but it wasn’t anything horrible.

I’ve read some “Siteground SUCKS!” comments and am not sure how much was due to out-of-date service limitations (they’re pretty robust now with lots of “unlimited”s in their offerings), bad luck, legit issues, or problem users, but my experience has been really solid.


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+1 for site ground, I got

+1 for site ground, I got hook by their special promo, Expected to get cheap result but to my surprise their server is IMHO faster than GO>>>>>. Got a drupal running with ubercart and 20 other contrib module, and so far no 500 internal server error like GO>>>>>

if you can use drupal why use others?

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I just got blocked by Supergreenhosting

I am still developing my website in drupal. I was not aware that the CPU has reached above 10%. I am not even sure what is causing it. Now I cannot even get into cpanel now. It is great that I have the database backup. But I have to reinstall the modules again ????

I am running a ubercart website with some products. I am wondering what is causing the heavy usage of CPU ?

Could you advise me on the limitation of CPU limitation of site ground please ?

I do not think I have that many modules even. Maybe about 20 or much less.

Thank you

duckzland’s picture

I used to have the same



27 February 2010 at 03:12

I used to have the same problem. mostly because of the translation stuff like t().

Don’t know about yours.

if you can use drupal why use others?

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Another Siteground Vote



13 February 2010 at 08:14

I’ve been using Siteground for about two years and have been really pretty happy with them.

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thinking about bluehost- what do you think?



25 June 2009 at 20:40

Hi, thanks for all the great comments on this thread and elsewhere about this issue.

I’m taking in some of the comments made recently about the PHP memory issue, and would like to rehearse here that issue with respect to Bluehost. I’m thinking of going with them but please feel free to advise otherwise if you think I should go another direction.

If you’ve used them, and have a similar usage profile as I do, please help me out by reporting out what you’re finding.

The 3.95 deal and the 2.50 (per month) option to have a dedicated IP seems like the best I’m going to find at my level. What is my level? Let me tell you a little bit about what I’m trying to do.

I’ve been toying around with Drupal since 4x and am about to upgrade to 6, launching a site complex reflecting some of the advances I’ve made in my skill level, mostly involding css, themes, etc. — I’m planning a class website and will probably have 100-200 students on it eventually, perhaps as many as 400. But this doesn’t mean concurrently. The max there might be 20 or so, and a Bluehost rep told me in chat that there is a limit of 20 — so I can imagine that having a students working lab all in their drupal accounts would probably test that capacity, even if most of the kids will be writing not performing actions — at least not all simultaneously. Now, if “simultaneously” is not REALLY simultaneous but means something like within a one-minute, 5-minute, or 10-minute span, etc., then I am going to have real problems. I understand that and so may add dedicated IP once I’m up and running (Sept 2009). The dedicated IP allows for more traffic in this way. Without that, I understand that my students will see white screens as requests are quietly killed by site admin (by rule). If I grow beyond the needs of what dedicated IP can provide, then okay, by then I’ll have some support to pay real money for real server power. If I’m not getting subvention from my school, a grant, or some other support, I should let someone else do it, LOL

Finally, the PHP memory thing. The sales rep at Bluehost said it was set at 128. Does this sound right? What do you think? Does anyone want to report on this issue with Bluehost? Any advice?

I don’t plan a very chunky website, but I don’t want to be too restricted with respect to Modules. For example, I will certainly be running Views. How many I cannot say. I see people on these boards describing having 50 or 100. I don’t really have a sense of this in practical terms, but right now I’m probably not running even 25 modules.

I’m on Hostpapa right now–its php memory is set at 32–and frankly, these forums have explained why we’ve been having the issues at Hostpapa we have been having. We even told them we were doing some drupal development, and with no traffic, just sitting there slowly building. We had to get whitelisted to even access our accounts, so I guess the idea of visitors was out of the question. I guess we probably over did it earlier with the modules, so some clean installs over the course of the last year demonstrated that issue with the module largesse clogging up the plubming. Duh! I had no idea, so thanks, all, for that info. I’m still a newbie and only doing this myself because I have no budget to hire someone for real. I lived with DrupalEd for the last year, and learned a lot from it, but like I said, I’m now ready to go it alone with 6 and my own homemade themes. I’ll post an update here, of course, if I have any experience with Bluehost and will wait around here for any response to this.

Any thoughts?


Magarna’s picture




26 June 2009 at 16:35

the 3.95 deal ended. I should have moved on it instead of sending this message to the forum, as I think it would have been a good deal for what I’m trying to do. Now it’s just average, it seems. So, I’m starting over.

If Bluehost returns soon with that sale, I’ll jump on it – but still wonder what experiences people are having with them.

I’ll review the other sites mentioned often on this board. Thanks-

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magarna any news from you? im

magarna any news from you? im in a similar situation. Im with godaddy but i want to change because its too slow with drupal. My priority now is finding a hosting provider that supports drupal and that can run it very fast!

PatW’s picture




4 July 2009 at 06:50

nevermind- the $3.95 special hasn’t ended. I just put a live site on it last week The offer appeared on my Firefox browser, but not on my client’s IE, so I called to ask them what was up. I found out that the offer is browser-specific.

kaakuu’s picture

Greengeeks – fiction or facts?



4 July 2009 at 07:18

Hopefully they are good. What makes me ponder about Greengeeks are these

Green Geeks management team has over 40 years of experience in providing high quality, affordable web site hosting.

– in the About page
Web site hosting – for last 40 years ? Is www that old ?

No Limits on Web Storage
No Limits on Data Transfer AND Unlimited Domains

All of us here with small sites can then just purchase one account and share at $7 per month ?

Can’t make out how long they have been in business as the year mentioned in footer is only 2009, and they have no public forum which is an indicator of tranparency.

seanray’s picture

GreeGeeks is a relative new



5 July 2009 at 07:50

GreeGeeks is a relative new company in the industry, it start the business in 2009, I think.

For 40 years experience, this should not be True. What I know is that their business team have been in that industry for long. 40 years should be their working experience. 🙂

For those “umlimited” feature, this might just be a marketing word to extract customers, your account will be suspended if you really want to use those “unlimited”, just like all the other web host.

Want to setup a Drupal site, find the Best Drupal Hosting for it now.

dewolfe001’s picture

40 yrs.

Yeah, I like when they aggregate the years of experience. “Our monkeys have generated as much output as Shakespeare and in half the time!”
Seriously, any advice on a decent service provider? And, to get some perspective can you reference what site is hosting with a service provider so that I can compare the site traffic (Alexa-wise) and site complexity vs. the ISP’s capabilities?

All the best,


valeriap’s picture

GreenGeeks seems fine



6 March 2013 at 10:03

I have to take back what I said: after trying to fix the server where our website was hosted, GreenGeeks moved our website to another server and now it’s working perfectly, faster than before and always up.

Our experience with GreenGeeks so far has been very bad. We’re moving our website somewhere else.

The monitoring server we use reported several server downtimes over the past three weeks, one of which longer than 1 hour! and the others around 15 – 30 minutes. The average is one significant service interruption (above 10 minutes) every two days.
And every time we complain they just say there was a small problem, it won’t happen again.
This is not an acceptable level of service for a hosting provider that is listed as #1 in the Drupal hosting providers page, and we’re afraid this might lead other people like us to think that they provide a good service.

seanray’s picture

midPhase, Bluehost,



11 August 2009 at 09:04

midPhase, Bluehost, Hostmonster should the good choice for Drupal as they have optimized the connection between MySQL, php and web server. fatcow, ixwebhosting ,a2hosting works ok with Drupal, and but for the others like powweb, justhost, webhostingpad, they are pretty much not the right thing you should try.

Want to setup a Drupal site, find the best Drupal Hosting for it now.

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I just heard that ANhosting

I just heard that ANhosting is good too…
The problem with it is that it is slightly more expensive than what I am looking for.

As for Hostmonster, they require you to submit some kind of photo id proof for the SSH access.
Any suggestions on this then?

So of Fatcow and a2hosting which is the better one?
Webhostingpad is the cheapest at about $4/mo.

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ANhosting provides 3 month



13 August 2009 at 04:01

ANhosting provides 3 month free hosting now, you should leverage this and reduce your cost if you like.

For hostmonster, you can take picture of you ID card or passport, and then send to them in the email. After it, you should be granted with SSH access.

For fatcow, and webhostingpad, i have tried Drupal on them before, looks not good (at least 30% slower than hostmonster). And you won’t get SSH access as well.

I don’t have enough experience on A2hosting (maybe i will buy one for test:), but considering their home page loading is slow, I don’t recommend it until I have tried.

Want to setup a Drupal site, find the best Drupal Hosting for it now.

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ANhosting doesn’t fit my

ANhosting doesn’t fit my budget, at least not the 12 month plan.
And I don’t want to commit 2 years, yet.

And I am just not very cool with sharing personal info with Hostmonster.
Then again, can you comment on how useful SSH really is? If it isn’t going to be too much of a value addition I might consider Hostmonster without the SSH, as Hostmonster seems to be the best one at that price.

If not, think I’ll try out A2Hosting anyways, at least for 12 months.

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Reverted to Hostmonster

I had signed up for a 12 month plan with A2hosting. but they required me to provide some kind of photo id proof just to setup my account.
I then decided to move to Hostmonster.

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Photo ID? Really?


I’ve set up two websites with A2 Hosting in the past two months – both with one year durations. Neither one required photo ID, and I had access to my account about an hour (or less) after setting up my account through their web site.

I’m surprised that they requested photo ID. Are you under 21 or outside the USA?

At any rate, I’d like to mention that I’m very happy with A2 hosting. I’m certainly not a Drupal “power user.” In fact, I’m really quite a noob (though I’m learning fast). I used A2’s instance of Fantastico to install Drupal (I’m sure that some of you may shudder at this, but it made life a lot easier for me.) and rapidly got to the business of installing modules, tweaking themes, and such.

No downtime. No mysteries. No hassles. Given what I’ve read in this forum, you could do a lot worse. Yeah, they cost more than some other services, but I’m willing to pay a little extra to not get jerked around.

The two sites I set up with A2 are http://inevitablethegame.com (with Zen theme), and http://protospielsouth.com (with Marvin). I also have a Textpattern site that’s been at A2 hosting for quite a few years: http://www.invisible-city.com/

That’s my 2 cents.

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I have used Midphase before



14 October 2009 at 22:11

I have used Midphase before for my vbulletin forum ,

support was very bad .

sometimes they just ignore your ticket ///

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fatcow has gone downhill over the yrs



21 October 2009 at 04:50

I have used fatcow for about 8yrs for 3 sites. their ftp response was OK, now, not so good. I get frequent database problems, and slow loading.
they were bought out by a company called Endurance International Group Inc a few yrs ago (i cannot speak for bluehost, iPower, etc also now owned by this company)
I am in the process of moving to another server. sorry I cannot say anything +ve.

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Have been using

Have been using Hostmonster.
No problems so far.
Just hosted another site on the same account. CPanel support is brilliant!
Feel I dont even need SSH access. CPanel does everything for you. Lets you upload zipped files and then extract the contents, and vice versa.

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1 November 2009 at 15:50

I’m new to Drupal and found it via elfsoup.com my hosting company. I have used bluehost and godaddy in the past for Joomla with very slow and bad support. I really like elfsoup.com I installed Drupal with one click. No I just have to figure out how to change my template., lol

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13 January 2010 at 20:53

I am living a drama there…! Really!

My site is so SLOW! Sometimes Drupal needs 1min to go to the admin panel.

To be honest, I am looking forward to find some extra time and get out of there…

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Not Bluehost



21 January 2010 at 05:08

I’ve read from several sources that Bluehost is an excellent choice for hosting. Unfortunately if you have or are planning on having a large site, choosing Bluehost could prove disastrous! I have spent the last 3 days researching the best hosting choice (refuse to continue with 1and1) and after reading many reviews and reading the TOS at Bluehost, I thought I had finally found a home for my sites. Prior to making my final decision l spent several hours lurking through their forum. I happened to click on a post titled 50,000 and found out that Bluehost has a 50,000 file limit. I immediately went back to the TOS and there was nothing stating that they impose a file limit. I picked up the phone and called sales and told the guy that answered that I was a potential customer but was concerned if there really was a 50,000 file limit. He didn’t even pause as he said that yes, it is true that they impose a 50,000 file limit. I explained that I reviewed every page of their site as well as reading their TOS and it didn’t mention that limit anywhere. He responded that if/when someone reaches that limit they get an email stating that they are over the file limit and are required to reduce the number of files.

I have since called Fat Cow (although I’m concerned that they may not be the best choice for hosting a drupal site) and was told that they have a limit of 300,000 files but then was asked if he could put me on hold to confirm. After several minutes he came back and said that there is a limit of 500 files per directory, but that you can have an unlimited number of directories. (Due to the discrepancy between the unlimited directories vs. the 300,000 file limit I asked him to send me an email confirming the fact that there can be unlimited directories of 500 files each) On Fat Cow’s website and TOS there isn’t anything that mentions having that limitation — at least the number of directories is unlimited.

I still don’t have a web hosting provider decision made. I guess I will have to make more phone calls to other hosts since I can’t count on the TOS as being the ‘complete’ terms of service.

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there is a limit of 500 files



21 January 2010 at 10:16

there is a limit of 500 files per directory

Is this real ? Then we cannot use Drupal here or probably any other CMS> For example the user pictures’ folder will contain more than 500 files (users’ jpg or png) when there are more than 500 members which is really a low number for even a small site!

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Indeed it is real. At least



21 January 2010 at 18:06

Indeed it is real. At least it is exactly what was told to me by a fatcow representative. Although I never received the email he was supposed to send.

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50,000 nodes and 4GB limit



24 February 2010 at 06:04

In fact, it’s very common that shared hosting accounts are limited to 50,000 inodes, which in general terms, it means 50,000 of files/folders. Yes, folders are included in the inodes too! Which is pretty shitty! For larger sites, I think the only way is to go with dedicated server. Try mediatemple’s virtual dedicated server, which costs about $20 per month I think.

Also, one note we gotta know that some web host even has a limit of 4GB, though claimed unlimited space. When your web hosting space reached 4GB, you won’t be able to do any Cpanel backup. If i am not mistaken, same goes to 50,000 inodes when you have exceeded the limit. This happened to HostGator.

I used to run automated Cpanel backup on JustHost, it was fine until they found out it was using 65GB space, they requested me to remove it because it “violated” their TOS. Their TOS states one Cpanel backup per hosting account. I had 60+ Cpanel backups which I didn’t download to my PC.

Unlimited space – is a hype. It’s a marketing gimmick. Don’t fall for it!

I want to warn you guys too, that there are actually many web hosts which are actually one company, but run on different entity. To my surprise, some are major hosts. I was just in the beginning of this research. Maybe you guys can help out exposing them here: http://www.checkwebhosting.com/same-web-host-company-but-different-name….

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I think there is no problem



27 February 2010 at 06:39

I think there is no problem in both Bluehost and Fatcow side. It’s hard to image that a site with more than 50000 files are still hosted in a shared web hosting environement. Shared hosting is a cheap solution which usually causes you less thatn $10/month, it’s not designed for the site with high need on traffic, memory, or disk space. If you do need a lot of traffic, memory, disk space or files, you should consider VPS, or dedicated server.

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lol spam

Awesome spam, I always wanted a place to host my Durpal sites. 😉

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As much as I wanted it to be spam, I don’t believe it is.

But I think we all know that $4/month plans are utter crap for a Drupal site with add-on modules.

~silverwing – Hosting Support Forum Maintainer

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Media Temple GS



21 February 2012 at 07:39

I have read this elsewhere. Media Temple GS (grid) shared hosting is worse than most shared hosts.

After I read that I tried Media Temple DV. It is not shared hosting at all but a proper virtual server. It uses Plesk which is is okay. There used to be discount on Retail Me Not, so look there first.

If you are used to shared hosting make sure to enable fastCGI on MT. There is a slight performance penalty but it really can be a savior for permission issues on client sites.

Media Temple has some decent documentation and Drupal sites run much much faster than on shared hosting. I couldn’t see going back to shared hosting.

Gandi.net offers similar virtual hosting as Media Temple DV. I know someone that likes and uses Gandi.net.

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Quality Hosting Found



8 March 2010 at 03:10

Just wanted to let you know that I went through nightmares with mocha and blue, don’t do it! I finally found one I can feel good about sharing and its all green , 300% wind powered and official drupal host with affordable unlimited plan. They have an excellent affiliate program as well. Here is the link…

Ohh yeah, one more huge advantage, just provide them your old host ftp and they will move your entire site including up to 50 database to their servers for free! After 48+ all night hours of broken uploads and downloads to try to move a media rich site thru FTP and file manager size limits in this was a dream come true!

edited by silverwing – removed affiliate link

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Do you know their policy on



8 March 2010 at 04:54

Do you know
do they have open forums – a sign of tranparency
how much memory they allow for Drupal for example 128 mb?
how many nodes (not drupal nodes) they allow per account?
how much cpu resource they allow and what they do if it surpasses?

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Ok, what is the recent info

Ok, what is the recent info for bluehost? I’m up between them and an hosting. The problem with this is that the info changes within a year, everything is different than it was a year ago. So let’s see some more up-to-date info. I’m currently with Startlogic, and learning drupal. I installed it on my Linux computer and have been tinkering with it. I’m looking to setup 2 or 3 sites, and one multilingual site. I currently maintain two static sites: www.rices2peru.com and www.reinavaleragomez.com Both are becoming more of a chore in keeping up with. All html maintained for several years now. CMS doesn’t seem to be that difficult for me, but I’m still learning. No experience with Joomla, read the reviews and decided to tackle the Big Dog, Drupal.


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greengeeks multiple sites

Hi All,
I am looking at greengeeks currently to host multiple of my websites. The FAQ section on the website talks about creating the domain-named folder under www, whereas a drupal setup would require these to be added under the sites folder.
How would this work? WIll there be a clash?
Any experienced users on this before I actually sign up with them?

– Ben

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Green Geeks Feedback

Mikael M


26 April 2010 at 21:30

You can just use add on domains in cPanel… Working great I host about 30 domains with one account.
Green Geeks I highly recommended, I have used them for many years, handling huge traffic on my behalf.
Btw. You can find a coupon here to save some money 😉 http://www.greengeekscoupon.com/

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How about you stop with the spam. You have only been a member for 43 min. It is obvious what your doing.

Sudo Kill Cylons

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Best Advice

Is to ignore all those hosting review websites, they are all scams, every last one of them. Many are created by hosting companies made to favor their company. Hosting companies even pay to have their site listed in the top so it’s all bogus.

The only sure way is by trial and error and word of mouth but even that is crappy these days. Everyone is trying to sell you some snake oil.

Try out a host for 30 days only then switch if it’s no good. Keep your domains separate so all you have to do is point to your new host. Don’t give any host long term regardless of what they promise you. If they don’t use Cpanel, cross them off the list.

These days almost every host is offering unlimited everything making it harder to choose. All the more reason to do a trial period only no commitments.

Run away from cheap deals that want you to pay in full 2 or 3 years and I also try to stay away from resellers especially those piggy backing off of a real domain registrars.

My terms are simple month to month to try out then i’m off to the next host if need be. Fortunately, I haven’t had to run to a new host in a long time.

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Do not use Bluehost



19 May 2010 at 23:38

Do not use Bluehost. Their support is terrible! I have never dealt with a company like that before. The reps on the phone just hang up on you. I wont be finished and quickly try to say no wait and they will be gone. If you have a problem with them you are screwed.

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what kind of support?

What kind of support are you looking from Bluehost? My site is hosted on Bluehost. I am 100% satisfied with the support of Bluehost till today. Bluehost is cheap and best for Drupal.

Bluehost is charging only US$6.95 per month (free domain name with one year subscription). My old Japanese site is hosted in Japan. I am paying 4 times more (around US$24 per month) in Japan, as .jp domain name I can not register outside Japan (I paid extra around US$36 for .jp domain registration for a year). Japanese hosting server is not configured to run a Drupal based website. Last year I called to support team in Japan to make a request that I need some extra features (php memory limit, MySQL setting, PHP library, Corn Job, .htaccess) to run Drupal. They did not give me the configuration details of the server. Japanese support team told me to read online manual and cut the line. I set up a drupal based site with the help of googling on google. I am planning to discontinue my Japanese site this year.

I want to run a Drupal based website at a low cost, so I register a new domain name with Bluehost. I find my new website has got a fast life on Bluehost and running very smoothly. In this month I chat 6 times to bluehost support team for some silly questions. They support me very well, although answer was available at their well written online manual.

When we are using a CMS, we do not need to write a code for a simple website. We need only well configured server to run Drupal smoothly. Bluehost shared hosting server is well configured to run any CMS (Drupal, WordPress, Magento).

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Poor Support and Massive Downtime



19 June 2010 at 11:26

I have been with Bluehost for a year now. They just automatically debited my account for another year (without sending an email saying this was going to happen). To be fair, it says this in the terms of service now, but not when I first signed up. According to the “support staff” this is a recent policy change. Apparently they don’t send out notices when the Terms of Service change, either.

In May of 2010, power and some phone lines in Salt Lake City went down for around 6 hours. ALL Bluehost sites went offline for this time. Looks like they have no secondary, off-site backup. Twice in the last 3 months my sites have gone down as well. This included email. The first time, I was told it was a routine software upgrade. Sites on my ‘box’ were down for 30 minutes. The second time, I was told the “engineers” were testing out new software — on a live server!! This was around a 25 minute downtime in the middle of the business day. From my year with them all I can surmise is that Bluehost is a bunch of amateurs who offer a low-cost hosting option, but don’t really know what they are doing.

nihonsei’s picture

Thanks for sharing



23 June 2010 at 15:38

Thanks for sharing your experience. I am lucky that I did not face any bad experience with Bluehost till today. I am 100% satisfied with Bluehost and recommend it to my friends.

I checked the page speed of my sites on Bluehost (Page Speed Score: 85/100) and on a Japanese host (Page Speed Score: 81/100) by using Page Speed 1.8 in Mozilla Firefox. Site performance is good on Bluehost.

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Full Support, High-End, VPS or Dedicated?

As If


23 May 2010 at 23:13

I’m gonna ask the original question again, but I am not interested in bargain-basement economy deals. I’m looking for top-notch VPS or dedicated hosting with fully managed technical support for extremely high-traffic Drupal sites. Any suggestions?

Interactive Worlds and Immersive Obsessions

picxelplay’s picture

I second your post. That’s exactly what I was going to say. Hands down, Acquia.

Sudo Kill Cylons

kindbuds’s picture

Acquia is good but….

I started with an Acquia base install and then had to strip out some of their slightly overwhelming integration of the drupal files. They where very cool on the phone and tried to help but insisted I sign up for their payment plan first , of course, nothing wrong with that! They did give me a good hint, wait until you are absolutely stumped because the first 30 days are free or refundable if you are not satisfied. That way you can really get your moneys worth. It was sound advice and got me to try harder and in the end, succeed in fixing and learning about the inner workings of drupal.
All in all, if you can afford it, then go for it! but if you have the time and limited funding, then the good old drupal forums will answer 99% of your questions.
That being said, Im still looking for some assistance to integrate the mapping module so hit me up if you want to help 🙂 And feel free to ask questions and read my best drupal host article for some more sound advice.

picxelplay’s picture

It seems like you are talking *just* about their support. Acquia has support, and they also have hosting, which we are talking about.
And I would highly recommend against taking out any of their drupal core files. You are just asking for a mountain of trouble if you do that.

Sudo Kill Cylons

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Site5 or Lunarpages



26 May 2010 at 00:48

LunarPages is ok (get their cPanel admin, not the LPCP, plus SSH access, which costs extra.)

Site5.com is even better.

I like site5. Two drupal sites running well on site5.

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Is site5 really reliable?



10 September 2010 at 22:22

I’m running http://www.tutzor.com, which relies heavily on image delivery and of course imagecache,
I’m with 1and1 now, eventhough if you up the php memory through .htaccess php.ini, and eventhough on the screen it is reported let say 128MB,
1and1 limit their shared hosting at 30MB!!!

This really frustrates me, cos my site is running snail slow. And I wanna use navicat instead of phpmyadmin to connect to server. Again, they block remote access!

Anybody have better luck with site5? they looks like they are pretty good.

iceous’s picture

Migrated my site to site5



21 September 2010 at 09:10

Update on the web hosting, I migrated my site to site5.
Great support staff, painless migration, and pretty snappy server.
overall, 9/10 for service.

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The devil, I’ve found, is in



31 August 2010 at 22:56

The devil, I’ve found, is in the details, which are rarely published for shared hosting solutions. For example, for a site with lots of modules and administration menu enabled you’re likely to need a max_allowed_packet parameter greater than the 1M standard on shared hosting. I’m with midPhase, who I have no real complaints against except the 1M is set in stone with them and when I ask them if it can be increased they say I should move to VPS. Anyone know of shared hosting where max_allowed_packet can be set to, say, 16M for example?

espirates’s picture

is on shared hosting and they



1 September 2010 at 07:00

is on shared hosting and they increased mine to 128M no questions asked 🙂 I think most these days will do it if you ask them. It’s not like they have anything to lose in doing it. Even at 128M it doesn’t improve much in performance. Drupal is a performance hog that’s just the way it is.

Grabby’s picture

Really? They increased your



1 September 2010 at 12:14

Really? They increased your max_allowed_packet to 128M? Are you sure you’re not talking about the PHP memory limit? Who is your hosting provider?

espirates’s picture

Opps! I thought you were



1 September 2010 at 21:13

Opps! I thought you were talking about the php limit, I see now you are referring to the mysql. They did at one time increase this as well for me upon asking. I can’t remember what the number was and later on I was using the drupal tweaks module that did this automatically but that module is no longer applicable for the latest mysql and since the host upgraded the mysql I have not needed to adjust these settings.

twood’s picture




10 September 2010 at 06:01

Hostgator is incredibly good, their 24/7 support is excellent with three ways of contacting them- tickets, chat, and phone. I’ve used them all.

They provide great value and reliability. I’m not a “server” guy so I need support on many levels. Their control panel makes it easy to set cron, backup prior to updating modules, and phpMyAdmin for those “special” times when the database acts up. Fantastico Deluxe also makes for a very simple installation of Drupal.

I’ve used, and still use midPhase for some sites but am not happy with their service or product- just a bit lazy in making the move to hostgator on those…

GoDaddy? Please- I do not recommend the fantastically convoluted GD for anything other than cheap domain prices.

geneatwell’s picture


Just looking to replace Midphase as my host. In the middle of the game they came up with a policy that does not allow the use of Drush on their shared servers. Even after I spent the last 3 days talking to their support people and even after I’ve successfully used Drush to update code and modules. Tsk.

Here’s the quote from their service rep who doesn’t want a name associated with his company’s change of heart:

I was just discussing this with our Admin and he has informed me that we do not allow drush on shared servers because it is too CPU intensive and will cause load problems on our servers. We do sincerely apologize that we missed that earlier when this ticket was first escalated. If you would still like to use drush you are welcome to purchase a VPS at VPS.net. If you purchase cpanel on that VPS then we would be happy to help you move your cpanel account over to your VPS. Let us know. Once again, we apologize for not informing you of this earlier.

So….use that information for what it’s worth.

espirates’s picture

I’m thinking about hosting on my own computer. I did it before and had a better setup than any hosting company could ever provide. A web hosting company is nothing more than someone else’s computer, all the fancy advertisements and wording makes it sound so great and they all say the same thing. It’s just a computer so why not use your own.

jetxs’s picture

Hosts I’ve tried out:



5 October 2010 at 17:20

Hosts I’ve tried out:

GoDaddy – AVOID! (for anything other than buying domains).
HostGator – 4 Stars
Dreamhost – 5 Stars

Most hosting services with cPanel/DirectAdmin should work great with Drupal, as a general thumb-rule..

marconey@me.com’s picture

RochenHost is excellent for Drupal

I found them in connection with my Joomla! fiddlings years ago. However, I never went with Joomla! but decided to go with Drupal instead (eventhough I did all my fiddling with Joomla! on my localhost and got to know quite a bit of Joomla!). They are the host for Joomla.org.

I recently started working on a community website for our residential community and went to RochenHost. Surprize, surprize! They now officially support Drupal hosting (it worked fine even before they “officially” supported it – I had not a single issue with Drupal).

As a total beginner to ANY web hosting, I was a bit (well, a lot!) nervous going with them because they have no phone support. All my life, I thought, it’s a lot more comforting to pick up the phone and talk to someone when you need help. But here I am many years later still in love with RochenHost.

They are extremely fast with trouble tickets. You clearly explain what the problem is and they usually get back to you within a couple of hours (less most of the time!). I have become so comfortable with this arrangement, that I no longer consider having phone support a criteria! (conversely I did have phone support with GoDaddy (in connection with hosting a site for a client of mine) and after holding on the phone for a while and then chatting with tech support, the guy actually told me that I should “google” for help with the issue!!! – so much for phone support!)

Rochen’s user interface is clean and that works well for me as I feel giddy just looking at GoDaddy’s gazillion button, cluttered UI although they have made some improvements lately but still …

All in all I couldn’t be happier hosting my Drupal sites with RochenHost, especially now that they officially support Drupal.

Hope this helps.

daltro’s picture

Their shared hosting is the best



26 December 2012 at 23:53

I don’t have any experience their VPS, but their shared hosting is by far the best I’ve tried.

Here’s my aff link: Affiliate Link RemovedMDD

sassafrass’s picture

Best advice….?

I’m with Espirates. It would be great to come up with a non-biased “Consumer Reports” like review of web hosting companies. All the ones I’ve ever read are either written by the web hosting companies themselves, or are poorly researched and posted for the sake of some other pursuit.

Personally, I’ve used IX Web Hosting and Verio for small, static, non-enterprise, non-business type sites. They’re both fine for such limited needs hosting. However, I haven’t used either one of them for Drupal or anything demanding.

Lynn Haas

daltro’s picture

I used IX Web Hosting too, as



27 December 2012 at 00:00

I used IX Web Hosting too, as well as Hostgator, DrupalValueHosting, and several others. All had issues that led me to look for other companies. Now I’m using Affiliate Link RemovedMDD Hosting and finally am satisfied. Both the performance and support are top-notch.

FusionHost’s picture

Drupal Hosting

We have great knowledge of Drupal and usually get most issues fixed during a quick live chat session.


gregorsa’s picture




29 December 2010 at 21:57

I would give serversky.com a try, i just bought a vps there for hosting drupal, and they’ve got this cool android application that goes with it.

silverwing’s picture

The site in the signature for “best Drupal hosting” is nothing but an ad for Hostgator. Wouldn’t take anything said there seriously.


jasonabc’s picture

Been using Drupal for three



13 June 2011 at 15:18

Been using Drupal for three years now. Best Drupal host – bar none – is these guys:


Amazing customer service (response times of less than two minutes, 24 hours a day) and bullet-proof reliability.

alex_shapka’s picture

Everybody answer to this

Everybody’s answer to this question will be subjective and opinionated towards his/her favorite hosting company. So the only way to find out the best place to host Drupal is trying and finding out the real quality and reliability of different companies’ services.

In your quest for good Drupal hosting I would recommend to concentrate on the specifically Drupal hosting companies like www.acquia.com, www.drupaloptimized.com or http://drupion.com.

Other companies, which offer hosting services not only for Drupal based sites, but all other CMSs and types of websites, are often oversell their servers, are not good at all in troubleshooting Drupal-related issues and usually leave them for Drupal-customers to solve by themselves. On http://drupion.com we try to address and assist with every Drupal-related issue.

Taiger’s picture




21 February 2012 at 07:47

or opinionated towards their employer..

I would never go with Drupal-only hosting. Maybe I am more confident than most though.

ophelia’s picture

GoDaddy is awful for Drupal sites



23 August 2011 at 22:11

I’m currently running a Drupal 6 site on GoDaddy and it runs really really slow. I even had to call support yesterday, and they claimed that part of the reason is that the server thought I was a spammer because of how often I visited the site! So are my most frequent site visitors getting punished for going to my site often? That is so backwards! Today at least the site isn’t timing out on me but everything is still running super slow and has been for months. Suffice to say, I am looking into other options. So far, A2 drupal hosting, GreenGeeks and HotDrupal look promising.

JamesOakley’s picture

Avoid unlimited hosts

I’ve read so many stories of GoDaddy giving people problems. Find a host that doesn’t oversell their servers, which means finding one that doesn’t offer unlimited storage. Work out how much space you think you need for now, and find a host that can reliably give you that. Then you’ll likely be just fine.

FareThoughts’s picture

I like GoDaddy hosting

I host several Drupal 7 sites through GoDaddy’s 4GH Linux shared hosting. I used the Acquia flavor of Drupal to create them locally and then installed them myself. (I have never used one of their self-installers; so I cannot comment on them.)

I have to say that except for the migration from legacy to 4GH, which new users should never experience, I never had any problems. One of my sites is fairly robust, but I have yet to see a sever error or hear anything about sluggishness.

Actually, the only speed problems I have experienced is that using TypeKit will occasionally load a page without the special fonts and then reload the page displaying those a few milliseconds later. It’s not something most users would probably even notice.

Overall, I’ve been very impressed by their customer service. Generally, their phone support is far better than their e-mail support though. If you can call them after peak hours, you also get more help. Some of the guys there are Drupal experts as I’ve had them give me excellent advice and find *my* errors immediately.

Maybe I’ve just been really lucky, but my experience has been completely different.

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Godaddy Shared Hosting is



26 August 2012 at 21:07

Godaddy Shared Hosting is terrible for Drupal.

They actually shut my site down due to the number of queries being called.

I had to turn off some modules in order to get it under their magic number.

I suppose if your site doesn’t get much traffic, GoDaddy might be the way to go.

However, once your site starts seeing spikes in traffic or gets around 10,000 views you can forget about it.

I’m on their Ultimate Hosting and they say you can have like 600 or more connections at one time. That’s a laugh — especially with Drupal installed.

I suppose you get what you pay for as its real cheap. I haven’t used their Dedicated Servers, yet. I tried one of their VPS packages, but it was slower than Ultimate Hosting at 3x the cost.

Now, I’m looking at Dedicated Hosting at other places. It’s going to cost me 20x more, but in the long run, I think it will be worth it.

*Added – I’ll say their customer service is terrific, though.

*Update: Use Boost. Caching is a must for shared hosting.

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Bad Experience With Globat Technical Support

fat boy


24 October 2011 at 16:24

First, a brief explanation of what happened. During the week of October 2, 2011, our server began randomly posting error messages instead of normal web pages. We had not made any changes to our Drupal application and everything pointed to an internal error on the host server. After several days, the problem magically disappeared – again with no changes at our end. During this time, we tried repeatedly to get some technical support from our host (Globat). We even found a way to make the problem appear on command – something you always want to achieve when tracking an intermittent problem. Without going into the gory details, the bottom line is that their technical service was extremely poor.

After the dust settled, we decided to take the huge step of finding another host and with a bunch of research decided to go with HostGator. Thus far, we are very pleased with their technical service and overall site performance.

Switching hosts, especially on a live site, is great fun – much like having root canal. We hope never to be forced into doing it again.

There are probably other hosts out there that are equal to or better than HostGator (with whom we have no affiliation) however I would definitely NOT recommend Globat. They are very inexpensive but in our estimation highly unreliable.

-Bob the site editor guy

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According To A Drupal Guru



18 February 2012 at 03:59

These are the websites that a heavy Drupal developer that has proven to be a cut above the rest, has recommended to us: Both are strictly Drupal Hosting

http://www.drupaloptimized.com/ . This site is for larger companies, known to be used by some of the largest corporations. Not cheap, though they have starter packages like all the rest.

http://drupion.com/ . This site has CPanel for easy use. Probably more suited for newer companies, or smaller companies than the one above.

Both have very reputable companies in their portfolio as we checked both out.

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Having tried a few…



22 February 2012 at 16:29

I’ve had a few sites (wordpress) hosted at http://bluehost.com and they have been excellent. I’ve also run a big fat Drupal7 dev environment on it, and it’s been smooth.

http://dreamhost.com is also very good. They have a homegrown alternative to cPanel which is denser at times, but faster to use. I am building a very complex site on it, and they graciously accommodate my memory requirements. They are also awesome people: they are providing free hosting to the non-profit foundation that employs me.

Both are very good places to host drupal7, in my experience.
Bluehost is a tad easier to use. Dreamhost does a lot of good with your hosting fees.

Good luck!

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Awardspace say Drupal doesn’t work on their hosting



24 February 2012 at 22:28

Awardspace’s paid service is great! Amazing, very fast CS (normally within about 10 mins – 24/7/365), reliable etc. But they say that Drupal core (specifically contact module) is sending bad commands and it cannot work with their platform.

After hours of trying to get a simple contact form to work, I received this from their CS:

“I was informed from our administrators that the error probably is that Drupal gives to the sendmail options which doesn’t exist :
modules/system/system.mail.inc line 134
// ‘-f’ . $message[‘Return-Path’]
// );
They fixed your current mail script but be informed that you will need to fix the scripts for your you other websites (if you have that kind of scripts for them) by yourself.”

So, to make it work, they hacked my Drupal core! (amazing service, but I didn’t want my core hacked!). I asked for confirmation that Drupal contact module could not work with their service and received this:

“As my colleague tried to explain, the problem is that the core is sending incorrect commands to our server. This is probably a bug with Drupal that will be patched up in the coming releases.”

I have had the same issue with several releases of Drupal 7.

I would be VERY interested to know if anyone has successfully set up Drupal 7 contact module on awardspace. I have several sites hosted there and really don’t want to move! But looks like I might have to 🙁

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Have tried a few too



30 March 2012 at 23:51

Anyone using drupal on a Dreamhost VPS with dreamhost mysql vps?
I’d like to hear about your experience.

Also I’d like to know what your apache benchmark requests per second reading is for a drupal site hosted on bluehost. (If you can benchmark from one box to another in the same network, I just learned the readings are more accurate.)

Last week I was getting 11 rps on one drupal site and getting a lot of gateway timeouts for logged in admin visits. It’s improved this week, but it’s making me think we need to start thinking bigger for this client.

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Dreamhost VPS



19 April 2012 at 09:34

Yes, tried Dreamhost VPS for some time actually… and I’m happy to have left them. The company is very friendly and I enjoy reading the newsletter but I wasn’t convinced by the VPS performance. The VPS kept crashing , support advised me to go for a MysqlVPS as well. My bill was around $45/month for three small sites running on two VPS…

I have now moved to Linode.com and feel much happier, not one single crash so far and the sites are running smoothly.

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I have used Liquidweb to host personal and professional websites (including Drupal sites) for over 12 years and have been very pleased. They aren’t the cheapest host, but their tech support (U.S. based, I believe. Speak American English) is excellent and their servers are top-notch. I am not knowledgeable in server management, but cPanel/WHM makes it fairly easy for me to handle the basic tasks. Anything beyond that, a simple phone call typically gets the job done. I can’t say I have ever waited more than 1-2 minutes on hold; normally they pick up immediately. Their techs are generally quite knowledgeable, and if they do not know they will seek help from senior technicians. In the dozens of support calls I have had over the years, I have only had a small percentage of average/poor experiences.

They don’t do all that “unlimited” none sense. The server specifications and limits are clearly listed out. Anyway, just my two cents. To my knowledge they won’t install Drupal for you…but that is a simple task to accomplish yourself.

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Unmanaged vs. Managed



15 June 2012 at 15:02

I think an important distinction I haven’t seen in this conversation is clarifying unmanaged vs. managed hosting.

The support from an unmanaged host such as godaddy – will always be very perfunctory. They can reboot the server and wipe your directory to start over, but they actively cannot do true support, and you are in charge of making sure your site is up, backed up, and secure. A good managed host will manage things for you. Backups, site monitoring, 24/7 active support, server security upgrades, etc.

If you’re looking for a company to really partner with to maintain your web site, you should be looking towards managed hosting.

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What about Drupal Gardens?



15 August 2012 at 23:53

I just registered my domain on gandi.net. I was wondering, if I need a host mainly for a drupal site, why not use Drupal Gardens?
Will I have as much control as I would using a VPS? (for example, install any modules, manage database, use drush?) Are there any experiences to share?

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Web hosting

Hi, have you considered using 3 Cord?

3 Cord Limited

They actually offer a Drupal setup for free and charge a low monthly fee.

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liquidweb seems to be pretty



15 January 2013 at 02:05

liquidweb seems to be pretty reliable, and very good support.

most hosting companies have a drupal auto-install (one-click, simple scripts, etc), but that says nothing about how well they actually know and/or support drupal.

dreamhost used to be the best in the business imo. but over the past 2 years they have completely changed, and not for the better.

hostmonster is not bad either.

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If in doubt, ask

Liquid Web are definitely at the top end of the hosting industry.

You always need to make a judgement as to what kind of hosting you want. You can have the very best hardware and support in the industry, but you’d also expect to pay for the privilege; you can pay little if that’s what your budget allows, but don’t expect so much. Of course, not every expensive host is good, and not every cheap host is bad, but there’s always the trade-off – how much am I prepared to pay in order to secure that extra bit of support.

But if in doubt ask. I always advise people to send off a pre-sales e-mail or two asking questions. If a host claims to support Drupal, why not ask a question that only someone who knows Drupal would understand? “I’m thinking of using your host to run a Drupal 7 site – would I be able to set up a cron job to run every hour? What would I have to put in the box where the hosting control panel asks what job I want to run?” Does the host know that Drupal 7 introduced a unique cron key, for example? And do they give you access to cron at all?

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lquidweb update



4 March 2013 at 20:53

warning: liquidweb has some mysql servers that are old, and use the old mysql password hash instead of the new one. this should not be an issue, but unfortunately it is.

i installed drupal 7 on one account i have there – i tried both a manual install and a one-click. upon submitting the database info, you get a database access error – the install does not complete, as database authentication fails. and there is NO WAY TO FIX IT (on your own)!!! you cannot change the mysql user password, since you cannot log into mysql. it is a kind of catch-22.

the ONLY way to get around this issue (IF you happen to get one of their older mysql servers), is by contacting liquidweb support and getting them to create a new database user/password for you.

for a hosting company with such a sterling reputation and great support, it seems absurd to me that (in the obviously common scenario of getting assigned to one of the old mysql servers) it is impossible to install drupal – or for that matter use mysql at all – without contacting their support.

i also hate the way cpanel (so widely used, including by liquidweb) forces your filesystem configuration. if you are hosting multiple domains, you have to jump through hoops to get the domains to reside where you want them in the filesystem, and again, their support has to make some configuration changes to make it work. why should you not simply be able to specify the directory where a given domain is going to live?

although their support (and even their infrastructure) has degraded dramatically in the past 2 years, dreamhost has by far the best control panel i have ever used (custom i am sure). i sure wish they hadn’t gone so far downhill.

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I would Recommend



19 January 2013 at 19:14

OakHosting.NET, which is based in the UK. I have been with them for just over a year, after leaving 1and1.com.

My hosting requirements may not be representative of your needs, so let me summarize why Oak has been right for me:

  • I am not a website developer, I paid a developer to write my site in Drupal 6.0. But I am not tech-savvy, and needed handholding during the conversion of my site from 1and1 to Oak. I got this quite willingly, and was up and running fast.
  • my site had crashed on 1and1 due to exceeding the allotted space in my contract, but they were going to double or triple my cost. Oak tripled my space availability at a cost similar to my original 1and1 contract.
  • I have had no unplanned host-related site downtime in the last year.
  • when I have a question, my queries have always been handled in 24 hrs or less.
  • I know that Oakhosting is Drupal-savvy because I found postings from them on Drupal.org answering technical problems — this is before I even signed on with Oak.

I have been completely satisfied with their service, but let me reiterate that my hosting requirements may not be the same as yours: my site is a small non-profit (www.racialpeace.org), and we are not a heavy-traffic site. Oakhosting has been very personal and flexible with my needs, and I feel sure that if you contact them, they will do the same for you — they don’t treat you like you are just another contract number.

JamesOakley’s picture


Thanks for the kind words.

Quite right – we’re not right for everyone, so part of the process is helping people work out if we would be the right sort of host. Glad that things are working out with racialpeace.org.


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