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Free Adult Web Hosting

Best Free Adult Hosting Providers

You’re looking for free adult hosting, so I will assume that you are a complete beginner that wants to create his or her first adult website. Exciting. Let’s talk about a few things first.

If you are going to host content made by other people, you are liable to receive copyright notices, which are known as DMCA abuses. Thus, besides a hosting provider, you also need one that ignores these DMCA abuses. If you are going to post your own content, you do not need a DMCA-ignore host. A regular free adult host will do.

Just for you, I’ve hand-picked the 5 best adult hosting providers that offer web hosting for free.

If you decide to host your website for free, you can be sure to get:

– Unexpected temporary/permanent shutdown(s) of your website.
– No guarantee that DMCA will be ignored.
– Low security and high chances of being hacked.
– Having your website stolen after it grows in popularity.
– Having your registration details made public.
– Receiving no support whatsoever.

If you’ve changed your mind, and would still like to see our paid adult web hosting providers, have a look here.

Also very important: While you get hosting for free, you also need a domain name for it. You can get a .com $0.99 domain at 1and1 for the first year. If you don’t want to pay a dime, you can get a .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, or .gq domain for free here.

Let’s start this list. Here are 5 free adult hosting providers.

FreeHostia review has been around for about a decade now. Like almost every other free hosting provider, only their smallest plan is free. This means that if you start growing, you will have to upgrade to their paid plan.

What you get for free:
– 5 hosted domains
– 250MB disk space
– 6GB monthly traffic
– 3 E-mail accounts
– 1 MySQL database
– 10Mb MySQL database

As you can probably tell by the disk space that you get, you can either create one flimsy website, or 5 very flimsy websites on their free plan. It’s a generous offer nevertheless. Especially their 6GB monthly traffic, which is more than enough for any beginner.

Minus points
– (Very) slow tech support.
– Tech support is not knowledgeable.
– Frequent downtime (because they oversell their servers).
– Website will load relatively slow.

To summarize, is great if you wish to treat your first few websites the same way you treat that school summer project that you don’t really care about.


ByetHost review, or Byet.Host is a owned business that has been around for more than a decade. Unlike, ByetHost is far more experienced, and their paid plans are much better. And yes, they allow adult content. They claim to be the fastest free web hosting provider, which is a bold statement, but not entirely untrue.

What you get for free:
– 5 addon domains
– 1000MB disk space
– 50GB monthly transfer
– Free tech support
– FTP account
– Unmetered MySQL space
– Free Webmail

These are great features. 1GB of disk space and 50GB monthly transfer can sustain any starting adult website. Byet.Host provides hosting for free that normally costs around $3-$5/month, so it’s a great deal.

Minus points:
– There is downtime sometimes because of frequent DDoS attacks.
– Prone to hacks (low security).
– Slowish tech support.

Like with every free provider, there are minus points that are unavoidable. Many people have complained about their websites getting hacked, followed by downtime and receiving no response for 2-3 days.


5GBFree review, a relatively new free hosting provider, does exactly what it says in its domain. It gives you 5GB of disk space for free. For the rest, the 5GBFree is quite secretive about themselves. All we know is that they are located in Utah.

What you get for free:
– 5GB Disk Space
– 20GB Bandwidth
– 1 FTP Account
– 3 MySQL Databases
– 1 Addon Domain
– 1 Parked Domain

These are features are basically saying: You get to make 1 powerful website, and that’s it buddy. For most people, this is more than enough. With a striking 5GB disk space, and 20GB bandwidth, you can setup a solid adult website that can potentially bring you money in the future without having to spend a single dime.

Minus points:
– No email accounts.
– No phone/chat/email support.
– Blacklisted IPs. is ideal for those who can handle themselves. If you’re just starting out, get ready to do everything yourself. 5GBFree is not going to resolve your issues unless you upgrade to their paid plan.


XtreemHost review is probably the only free hosting provider that has a decent, modern website to show off its services. That in itself should be praised. They’ve been active since 2006, and are located in South Carolina. With XtreemHost, you get 30 scripts for free, which most paid hosting providers do not even offer.

What you get for free:
– 2500MB Disk Space
– 100GB Bandwidth
– 50MB MySQL Space
– 5MB Filesize Limit
– 1 Addon Domain
– 1 Parked Domain

The most beneficial feature here is that you get 100GB bandwidth, which you can get you a lot of traffic per month. And that’s perfect for a 18+ website. They tend to get a ton of visitors in a very short time span. Also they have a 5MB filesize limit, which is great for if you want to put up HD adult pictures, which are usually around 4MB.

Minus points:
– No uptime guarantee (honestly stated on their website).
– No email.
– No audio or video streaming (for all you adult video website owners out there).
– Slow servers.
– No chat and ticket support.

What I like about is their honesty. They state the limitations of the free hosting plan. These minus points aren’t anything new that we haven’t discussed with the previous hosting provider. This host is certainly recommended.


000webhost review is considered the best free hosting service out there. They don’t deny it either, since their slogan reads “better than paid hosting”. I’ve had the chance to use them, and it’s surprisingly like a paid web host minus any service features.

What you get for free:
– 1500MB Disk Space
– 100GB Bandwidth
– 5 Addon Domains
– 5 email addresses
– 2 MySQL databases
– Simple site builder
– Backups
– Webmail

This is undoubtedly one of the fullest features you can get from a free hosting provider. You get enough disk space, bandwidth, while there are no restrictions placed on email accounts and mailing. If you don’t want to use WordPress, they have their own site builder that you can use.

Minus points:
– No liveChat/Phone support.
– No SSL.


And there you have it: 5 free hosting providers that you can use for your adult website.


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