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Setting up a new website is never going to be so much easy. Picking up the right web hosting service provider is crucial as much as crucial choosing right domain name. HostGator is not only the name of the web hosting company it is a brand in itself, which is best in the business of hosting. Here I will share the crucial 30 Reasons Why Choose HostGator Web Hosting for your website.

While scrolling to the end of the article you will be going to have clear reasons behind choosing HostGator Web Hosting. HostGator the top notch companies are confronting almost every kind of demand which usually you seek for your website.

Market Familiarity

HostGator Market Familiarity

One of the main reason is market familiarity, you will make sure about the popularity of any web hosting company with there reviews. A review can come up with pros and cons, but the HostGator is that kind of popularity which usually always positive. HostGator is having a reputation which can only earn by a company.

Cost Effective

HostGator Cost Effective

Well, this is one of the major parts because most of the beginners drop the best web hosting company due to the high price. However, HostGator has the best meet service along with affordable price which will cost you low for your startup. Hostgator web hosting price started for $2.75 per month. So you can go for it if there is a question about pricing along with the best facility.

Environment Support Green Web Hosting

HostGator Green Web Hosting

Isn’t it good launching website with best web hosting service provider who prefers to support greenery mission? Yes, HostGator web hosting investing in Texas Wind Energy Initiative. This the one of the best step which is taken by any web hosting service provider.

Multiple Site Hosting Account

Multiple Site Hosting Account-

The best option for those who want to host their website under a single account. Bring your all website on the same account and access them all with HostGator Web Hosting.

Create Multiple MySQL Database

Create MySQL Database

HostGator offers you to create an unlimited MySQL Database for your website. The extra database will be secured in your account and you won’t be going to face any such a kind of problems.

Consumers Faith

Customers Faith

This is something which you have to know about it. HostGator is currently having more than 8000,000 customers along with 8 Million domains. Helping newbies along with existed online business owners.

24/7 Support Team

HostGator 24/7 Support

If you are spending money on picking up the best web hosting company but the hosting company unable to provide you best support team. Then, spending your money and choosing the best web hosting company will be worthless. On that base, you can have the world’s best web hosting HostGator Support Team available for 24/7.

Best UpTime Service

HostGator Website Uptime

The best thing about HostGator Web Hosting is UpTime reliability. HostGator Guaranteed to provide you 99.9% UpTime guarantee even on there cheapest web hosting plan. That is something good which you want to have for your website.

WordPress Compatible Hosting

HostGator WordPress Hosting

As we know that WordPress is one of the best and convenient way to start or manage a website. HostGator is offering you the WordPress support for your website. Whether it is a personal blog, professional website or E-commerce website HostGator WordPress Hosting will take you to the next level.

cPanel Compatibility

cpanel compatibility

While setting up a website and having a simple Control Panel will give you easy access to web applications. HostGator Cpanel Hosting offers you simple data transfer, files transfer and easy to use applications.

Get Unlimited Email Accounts

Unlimited Email Accounts

You the one more best thing is HostGator Web Hosting plans comes up with the offer of providing you Unlimited Email Accounts.

Website Builder

HostGator Website Builder

The crucial part of any website is the look and overview while using WordPress or any other Content Management System. You need to create the website with the best overview and look. And HostGator offers you the best and free Website Builder to give your website a decent look.

Monitor Your Website’s Server Status

Website Server Status

You can go through the server status checking of your website. Monitoring your website 24/7 will take you to the next level while protecting and securing your website.

Transfer Your Website For Free

Migrate Your Website For Free

Transferring a website with HostGator is really easy. Suppose that you were having domain name under other web hosting company and want to transfer it to other web hosting company. And it costs you high, what will you do? Well, in that case, HostGator provides the Free Domain, Website, MySQL Database, and script transfer.

Backup Your Data

Backup Your Data

You will glad to know that you will be going to ve backup support. I mean your website will have the weekly data backup which can give you surety regarding any problem of the database. You don’t have to worry at all.

HostGator Deals & Discounts

HostGator Web Hosting Deals

Well, HostGator provides the lowest price for the best web hosting plans and services. However, you can save your bucks while applying HostGator Coupons or Promo Codes to grab some extra discounts.

Strong Community For Your Help

HostGator Community

You know what the best thing about HostGator, The supportive community. HostGator have a large scale of support team along with a big community to help you out in any problem. You can get help from the community forum.

Get Tutorials & Videos

HostGator Tutorials

Learning Practically with Tutorials & Videos will give you the skill of implementing work properly. HostGator supporting you with 500+ Video Tutorials and help articles.

Secure Your Website With SSL

HostGator SSL Certificate

Prevent your website from getting hacked or transaction getting a steal by any cyber criminal by using SSL Certificate. That’s why HostGator offering you the SSL certificate even in its cheapest web hosting plan.

Get The Use Programming Languages

Programming Languages

One more impressive thing and that is HostGator offers you to get the use of other programming languages with CGI, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python. You will be going to have approximately all kind of programming support.

Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth

Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth

And the obvious thing and most important part of a website are Disk Space and Bandwidth. HostGator offers you the Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth from its starter plan.

Web Application Hosting

HostGator Web Applications

HostGator has been offering upto 75 inbuilt scripts to make your installation process fast and quick. The highlighted one for installation is WordPress and Joomla.

SEO Tools

HostGator SEO Tools

Well, Search Engine is a major part for any website, it plays a major role to get a large number of customers and visitors. So, HostGator delivers effective tools which can help you out for SEO.

Money Back Guarantee

HostGator Money Back

Nothing is better than getting a surety for your money, in comparison with other hosting provider company. HostGator offers you to get your money back in within 45 days after purchasing hosting and services.

Award Winning Service

Award Winning

The top-notch web hosting company have been earned the award and designation of the fastest growing company. Better known for satisfying customer with best support service.

Fast Page Load

Fast Page Speed

HostGator is better known for providing the fast loading speed for your page or website. Slow loading website can harm the rank on Search Engine that’s why HostGator make sure that you won’t face the slow page loading problem.

Free Adwords Credit

HostGator Free Adwords Credit

With the plan of HostGator Web Hosting, you will be going to have the worth of $100 Google & Bing Adwords Credit. Google & Bing Adwords can help you out to bring the traffic to your website?

Long Term Commitment

Long term commitment

Starting a website with HostGator will be the cheapest one and the reliable for long term commitment. You can buy 3 or 4 years of hosting plan for very affordable rates. The longer term you choose to be with HostGator the maximum benefit you can have for your website.

With GodFather of Hosting Companies

Endurance International Group

HostGator is not only the brand itself the web hosting company gathers the support of the Endurance International Group. Which holds 50% of Web hosting companies. The hosting company which is well known and popular for best service.

Old Is Gold

HostGator Old is Gold

As we know about this phrase, Old Is Gold and it is damn true. Since HostGator launched the company delivering the best web hosting services. Now the web hosting company holds the experience and reliability of customer out there.


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